Hi Mitchel
The Amherst event is certainly on. I will be there.
All welcome

On Mar 4, 2015, at 8:22 AM, Mitchel Cohen wrote:

Isn't Julie also in Amherst on Saturday? This event is still happening, right?

Saturday, March 7th, 2015, 7 p.m.

An Evening of Reflection and Dialogue: What is the Purpose of Science?

Place: Herter Hall, Rm 601

UMass Amherst

  • Paul Malachi, recent graduate from Harvard Scchool of Public Health living currently in Boston, MA, organizer of the current MIT/Harvard Science for the People group.
  • Jonathan Latham, a plant virologist, geneticiist and molecular biologist by training living in Ithaca, NY, writer for Independent Science News and other outlets.
  • Charlie Welch, the director of TecsChange (Teechnology for Social Change) living in Boston, MA. TecsChange refurbishes computer equipment and helps get it to small organizations in the developing world. Previously he was the Boston area coordinator of TecNica which co-operated with the SftP's Science for Nicaragua Committee.
  • Julie Geredien, an educator and social justicce researcher living in Annapolis, MD, writer of educational curriculum related to social transformation, participatory action research, World Citizenship, and community building. She is a trained facilitator for Foundation for Community Encouragement.

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Update (see original announcement below)
Time 6:30 to about 8   PM

The building is partially locked at night.   The doors at the end closer to Main St.  and the doors on back courtyard that faces other MIT buildings are the ones that are likely to be open.  If you have any problems call my cell phone  617-230-9505.

The other complication is the building is divided into 4 sections. It's one big lobby but you need to find the elevators for the D section to get to Lingustics student lounge.  The D section is near the daycare center farthest from Main St.


As part of the low key effort to revive Science for the People, Julie Geredien and several others will be meeting in Amherst about adding new material to the website that was originally set up for the conference last spring.

We just had a minor change in plans and she will be in Boston this Thursday evening.

In parallel to this there has been a group meeting at MIT as a follow up to the events we had last semester.

We decided to take advantage of Julie's visit to have a chance for people to meet each other and have an informal conversation about these varying efforts.

It’s in the MIT Linguistics Department Student Lounge on the 4th floor of the D section of the Stata Center at MIT (32 Vassar St, Cambridge).

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