I was planning to reply with a link to an article at integrating all the different videos and pictures, but ... to busy to write that article.

So copied below is an excerpt from the email I sent to all the participants with the various links.

Also, on Saturday tune in for a piece on the race at:


Huge thanks again to everyone for a successful EIGHTIETH anniversary of the Mt Greylock Thunderbolt race:  racers, ski patrollers and other volunteers, spectators, professional staff from DCR staff and Town of Adams, radio operators, and even the news media too!

Update results are posted in a pdf file linked from near the top of this webpage:
Also posted there now is monster spreadsheet based on checkpoint data – with an event that combines so many different types of activities, fun to see how everything shook out on the up versus down, etc.

Unfortunately we missed some of you at some of the checkpoints – after it, it’s not like we had aerial drone surveillance!

Oh, wait, we did:

And more traditional video too:

Plus 338 pictures from the alpine World Cup race circuit photographer Jonathan Selkowitz:
And another 369 professionally taken pictures here:
With 526 more here:

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