With warm weather around the corner, it was the last day to get some soft snow.  We’ve been going to this part of the woods for over 15 years.  It’s the same altitude that Dave’s been skiing, up to about 2800' so I knew the snow would be good.  Two of my oldest ski friends and I got an early start and headed up.

There was a bit of a crust lower down, but it disappeared as we climbed and the snow dried out.  We decided to ski the north facing lines as we thought they would be better than the south facing ones.  There was about 4 feet of snow in there so even the unimproved lines were wide open.

We did another, and then the sun came out


We came back to the south side, where the snow was deeper and softer!  As we headed down and out, it warmed up and the snow started glopping up.  We should have some great spring conditions, and if we get another storm or two, we’ll be skiing powder again.


Life is worth living.

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