After planning a trip to Alta for months, we bailed and booked a condo at Jay. It's like Willie Sutton said: 'cause that's where the snow is.
We arrived Wednesday to temps in the high 30s and soft snow--plenty of smashed taters to go around. I demoed some Rossi Sin 7s and enjoyed them very much--the tip and tail rocker were perfect for buttering the soft stuff.

Wednesday night it froze hard, although the 2-3" of new snow was welcome. Thursday was firm, cold, but bright and sunny. I thought we would be limited to skiing groomers all day, because of the frozen ruts in the woods, partly hidden by drifting snow. Oh, and the tram and the Green Mountain Freezer were on wind hold. The Jet run was nice, for a couple or three runs of arcing high-speed GS turns, but then we discovered that the next trail over, U.N., had bumps, and was a little narrower than the adjacent trails, and protected by tree borders. That was the trail of the day: the bumps were tight, close together, with snow in between. But parts of them were, and are hard: ice bumps with soft in between makes for inconsistent textures, a.k.a. challenging. I'll post a pic later.

Hot tubs at the end of the day help. Today the tram is running, but the bumps are still crunchy.

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