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There was a related discussion on MEDLIB-L back in January 2013. You can retrieve it via the archives -- all of the messages had the subject "Just use Google Scholar for systematic reviews." Although it isn't specific to the grey lit component, one person did reply that "GS does include gray lit." And the article that started the discussion -- "Is the coverage of google scholar enough to be used alone for systematic reviews" at -- states "We considered Gray literature (i.e. written material that is not published commercially or is not generally accessible) as a specific subset, but we included these references in the gold standard database" and also "Among them, 733 were published in peer-reviewed journals and 5 were detailed only in document belonging to the gray literature."

I've also seen related #medlibs tweets; for example, somebody tweeted "#medlibs I would use GS as a source 4 grey lit - last ck'd, it had bks. You can list lge PDFs as Google Bk eg thesis"

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Hi everyone,
I'd like to appeal to the collective wisdom on a question I have.  I provide a lot of support to our DNP students as they're preparing systematic reviews.  Most groups include in their protocols that they plan to search Google Scholar as part of their grey literature search.  Do you find Google Scholar to be a useful source of grey literature?  My experience of Google Scholar is that I only find published articles and books which are likely to be indexed in other sources.  Do you use Google Scholar as part of a comprehensive grey literature search?


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