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>Our cohabitants in the gondola revealed they were headed in the same
>direction. Indeed, the safety stop was crowded full. At some point along
>the way, one of us said to a random man, "go ahead." He replied, "No, I'm
>following you." Enter Emile. Emile is from New York. Emile had read a Ski
>Magazine article that the locals at the safety stop had been hctibing about
>as being responsible for the crowds. He proudly pulled it out of his
>jacket. It showed everything. And apparently had written descriptions, too.
>Emile had come up from The City. Because of this article. His plan was to
>follow others into the woods. TEO, can't you reign in Joey Tucks?!

I can't find the map online.  All I could find is this

I want to see this map, so if you find it please post a link.

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