Funny timing, Ben. I actually found myself at Bromley last Wednesday afternoon for some boot adjustments at Green Mountain Orthotics, after which I skinned a few laps in the bright afternoon sun (although I am no fan of skinning at open ski areas, it seemed like the right thing to do given my desire to test out the boot work, the beautiful weather, the empty slopes and the fact that I had already taken a half day off of work to drive to Bromley for the boot work).

Besides the cheers I received from the folks riding the chairlifts, and the question I received from a passing skier ("are you on All Terrain gear?") it was mostly an afternoon spent on immature corn all to myself. I was impressed at what an amazing snowpack there is in southern VT right now, and although the terrain there would bore an expert skier to tears the mellow vibe and southern exposure are definitely a good thing for everyone else. I will definitely take my SU (who values boring terrain and sun significantly) back there at some point to ride lifts.

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