On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 7:35 PM, David Guertin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I thought it might have been that good up north on the big mountain today. 

'twas pretty darn good across the way from the big mountain today as well. 6" of new by the end.  3 members of Journal Club  found complete untracked 5 runs in a row(one inbounds, 4 out) with minimal effort.  This was all on main runs. We found no need to venture or bushwhack to any hidden lines.  Don't know where everybody else was.  Maybe with LaSH.

Picked Sonya up from from her last day in Mighty Mites at 2:15, where she skied Bootlegger for the first time. Ski instructor told me he's never taught a kid who enjoys skiing so much.  I credit that to never pushing past the tired or stressed point.  When she's ready for the pool or the Funzone, we go.   She and I took one last run down Harvey's, where for the first time she decided, without hesitation, to ski the heavily mogulled second half instead of cutting off on Jolly Roger, before cutting into the untracked powder in the trees on the other side of Black Bear.  It's been fun watching her get really confident in the past few weeks.  It's a bummer that the season is almost over and we'll have to work hard to build that confidence again next December.  I tipped her instructor very well.
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