Yesterday was supposed to be a recovery day but a text from a friend changed that. It became round 2 instead, and, damn, it was a good one. We didn't know that halfway through run #1 when our bases were sticking to the wet snow so badly that it was a battle. Cinnamon rolls of snow formed beside us on the down and so we went straight to the lodge for a fix. Zardoz Notwax changed everything. The rest of the of the day was super terrific.

Putting that stuff on our bases not only helped us glide, but it changed the weather too. The saturating mist became full on hard core nuking blizzard. We hit a zone twice and on the second lap, our previous tracks were completely erased. It got better by the minute. It was dense, creamy and delicious. And socked in and still nuking at closing time. I'd imagine this morning is gonna be epic....
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