Recent posts about the proportion of ILL posts and similar topics has made me reconsider how I receive MedLib. I got it in digest mode, which is a bear to read, but didn't clutter my inbox. Now I have set my Outlook filters and have taken the plunge off Digest mode! Anyone have any suggestions for filter settings or another method that works for you?

I also would not like to see ILL requests eliminated. Once in a blue moon I can fill one, which makes my day, especially when the Librarian across the world (or one state away) sends me an appreciative email. We're all here to help, like Dave Dillard said. Then again, the sheer volume of posts is overwhelming at times, so I understand the desire to decrease the noise to signal ratio. I may be back on Digest mode by tomorrow...
And for fun, I've included my favorite xckd comic.

Eleanor Truex BSN, MLIS
Medical Librarian, Lakefront Region

Saint Francis Hospital
355 Ridge Avenue | Evanston, IL 60202
Office: 847.316.2460

Saint Joseph Hospital
2900 North Lake Shore Drive | Chicago, IL 06057
Office: 773.665.3038

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