The 5-year rule is something that nursing schools seem to have made up.  It makes many topics difficult for students to research as the relvant literature is often 6-10 years old, and in medicine can be 100 years old.  This rule is not customary for medicine or other health related writing.  And is certainly not a good idea for anyone doing research, as they would then miss important articles.

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I have a question ? Or more.  Can anyone please explain the 5 year rule - in reference to scholarly peer reviewed journal articles? I am not referring to the historical or classical works but rather the 5 year or less for articles and books?
Is this not a customary practice in nursing/medical/ or other health related writing? Do other universities not place limits on dates?  Do other disciplines abide by the 5 year or less rule? Thanks for answering my questions. It would be even better if there is an article/document to backup this rule.

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