Hi Raymond,

Follett has it's own list serve which seems to be a great help. It's called
Follett-Talk. I think this is where she would sign up

I think your librarian has to be a member of VSLA in order to be part of
the list serve but I am not certain... She should check out this page

I have been lucky enough to avoid any LMS conversion thus far so I'm not
much help otherwise.

Good luck!


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 2:29 PM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear Library folks
> I am passing along an issue from our Librarian, we are having an issue
> with MARC records and Title Wave.
> There is a dispute between "records" and "holdings" that was not an issue
> for us last year.
> We did change LMS's in the last year (software, not people) which (seems
> to me) is the only logical explanation.
> 2013-14 Library World Online
> 2014-15 Destiny
> TW and Destiny support haven't provided adequate help.
> There is a note on TW's website about the issue, but it doesn't apply in
> our case (multiple copies)
> Apparently our Librarian is on the wrong VTLSA list? (public library v.
> school library?) or she would have sent this out over there.
> If someone could point me to the place or person she would rectify that
> with?
> TIA!!
> R
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Destiny users who utilize Titlewave Analysis: I recently switched to
> Destiny from LibraryWorld. When using LibraryWorld, my Titlewave Analysis
> recognized all of my records, holdings, and call numbers but since
> switching to Destiny almost 3000 of my records and call numbers are missing
> (my holdings are still recognized). Since the number of records and call
> numbers match, my analysis says that it's 99.95% for Data Integrity.
> I'm certain that this is not a multiple copy problem. I believe that in
> the switch, my MARC records no longer all contain the same MARC tag
> location for call number. It appears that the MARC record tag is missing
> within the record despite the call number appearing on the Title Details
> page and on search results.
> Does anyone know how to either:
> 1) run a report to determine which items are missing a MARC record call
> number tag
> 2) batch correct all call numbers to appear in one MARC tag location
> 3) solve this problem some other way
> Thanks for any and all ideas and support.
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