Hi All - 
We are doing SBACs with our iPads this week and wanted to let you know of
some workarounds that we've needed to use.

Text to Speech:
When students use "Speak Question", the voice goes very fast.  There is no
speed control built into the test.
Workaround: Pause and close the test app.  Go to Settings > Accessibility.
 Turn on Speak Selection, and set the speed to something comfortable (you
can test in Safari or another app).  I found that about 10% was a good
rate.  Your mileage may vary.
When you are in the test, do not use the "Speak Question" option that is
embedded into the test.  Instead, tap/hold then highlight the text you
want, and the usual iOS menu bar pops up - tap Speak.
* Note that manually highlighting the text is clunkier than using the
embedded Speak Question.  Review this on the practice test with the
student before the test to see if thiis will work.  You may want to have a
laptop available for students who need this accomodation if the manual
highlighting is frustrating and the alternative of the fast voice is not

Free Response Text Blocks:
In the text boxes where students can type free responses to questions, if
the student taps out of the box and then tries to tap back in to edit
their responses, the cursor messes up.  It locks itself onto a screen
location, and you can scroll the screen/text up and down around it.  When
you start typing into it, your typing may end up in an unexpected location.
Workaround: plug in a keyboard with arrow keys, and use those keys to
navigate inside of the text box before the student types.  Have the
students review their answers carefully to remove any text that ended up
in the wrong location.

Melissa Hayden-Raley
Technology Supervisor
Milton Town School District

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