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*Emerging Technology  Summer Institute 2015*

July 20-24, 2015

Harwood Union High School

*Cost:*   $725 or $1050 for 3 Grad Credits*
*Cost With iPad:*   $1225 or $1550 for 3 Grad Credits
*Cost With Chromebook:*   $1050 or $1375 for 3 Grad Credits

*Course Instructors:*  Meg Allison (Moretown School),
Matt Henchen (Harwood Union), Susan Hennessey (Tarrant Institute/UVM)

Join us as we explore how emerging technologies intersect with what
neuroscience has taught us over the past few decades about creating the
optimum conditions for learning.  We will explore brain-based learning such
as excerpts from Zull's text *The Art of Changing the Brain* then consider
ways teachers can modify their learning design to address these concepts.
The course is designed to be responsive to participants' individual needs
and preferred modes of learning.  We will model self-directed and
differentiated learning environments through the digital tools to structure
the learning so that it is personalized and purposeful for participants.

*Registration is on a first come- first serve basis*

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**Participants must purchase or bring a device for use during the week long

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