I have had the "Glossary" problem in the practice test while using the secure browser twice.  My work around was to pause the test and restart the device.  The teacher had to give appropriate permissions of course.  This worked for me.  I am open to other ideas.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Susan Monmaney <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

We are having the same problem with the Glossary pop-up, but this work around didn't work for us. Any suggestions?


Susan Monmaney, Librarian

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On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Dennis DeWeerdt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Our test environment is Mac Desktops and laptops with OSX ranging from 10.6.8 to 10.9.5

After Day 1 of testing we ran into the following glitches:

Problem: After opening the Secure browser an error message appeared about iTunes media or something like that. It looks as though iTunes was trying to do an update. I don’t know if a student hit a “Function key” to open itunes or if itunes was trying to update in the background by itself.

Work Around: Since this happened right before we started the actual test, we closed the Secure Browser. You could then see the Apple licensing window for iTunes in the background. We clicked on “disagree” ( to save any downloads and upgrades) and reopened the secure browser.

Problem: A user went into the “Content Tools” and chose Strikethrough. It worked as stated to help eliminate unwanted answers but there was no way to turn it off and select the correct answer.

Work Around: Click on “next” as if you have answered the question. A pop up will appear stating that you haven’t answered the question. Click on “OK” (your only option) and the question will then reset and you can select an answer.

Problem: Highlighting not sticking. After choosing Highlight from the “Content Tools” you can highlight the text and it will turn blue but not stay highlighted once you click off.

Work Around: After highlighting the the text blue, right click and the highlighting will show. Alternately, highlight the text and then click highlighting from the “Contents Tools” menu

Problem: Somehow the glossary got opened. This was on a student machine that had accommodations so I’m not sure what triggered it (perhaps they clicked on a word that had a link to the Glossary). Anyhow, they closed the glossary pop-up but each letter typed caused the pop-up to reopen. It wouldn't stop popping up.

Work Around: Close the Glossary Popup. Open the “Content Tools” and mark the question for review. That allowed us to type in the answer box. I went back into the “Content Tools” and unmarked the question so that it didn’t confuse the user later. We could then type in the answer.

Day 2 Glitches:

Problem: Student finished the test, clicked on “end test” and got locked up at a "Waiting" screen

Work Around: At the proctor screen pause student.

At student machine hold down the power button to shut the machine off (Ctrl,Alt,Shift,F10 did not work to release the stuck waiting screen). From student machine log back into testing session, approve, etc. They could then click on end test again and it cycled thru properly.

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