Hi Raymond,

Follett has it's own list serve which seems to be a great help. It's called Follett-Talk. I think this is where she would sign up

I think your librarian has to be a member of VSLA in order to be part of the list serve but I am not certain... She should check out this page 

I have been lucky enough to avoid any LMS conversion thus far so I'm not much help otherwise. 

Good luck!


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 2:29 PM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Library folks

I am passing along an issue from our Librarian, we are having an issue with MARC records and Title Wave.

There is a dispute between "records" and "holdings" that was not an issue for us last year.

We did change LMS's in the last year (software, not people) which (seems to me) is the only logical explanation.

2013-14 Library World Online
2014-15 Destiny

TW and Destiny support haven't provided adequate help.

There is a note on TW's website about the issue, but it doesn't apply in our case (multiple copies)

Apparently our Librarian is on the wrong VTLSA list? (public library v. school library?) or she would have sent this out over there.

If someone could point me to the place or person she would rectify that with?



Destiny users who utilize Titlewave Analysis: I recently switched to Destiny from LibraryWorld. When using LibraryWorld, my Titlewave Analysis recognized all of my records, holdings, and call numbers but since switching to Destiny almost 3000 of my records and call numbers are missing (my holdings are still recognized). Since the number of records and call numbers match, my analysis says that it's 99.95% for Data Integrity. 

I'm certain that this is not a multiple copy problem. I believe that in the switch, my MARC records no longer all contain the same MARC tag location for call number. It appears that the MARC record tag is missing within the record despite the call number appearing on the Title Details page and on search results.

Does anyone know how to either:

1) run a report to determine which items are missing a MARC record call number tag
2) batch correct all call numbers to appear in one MARC tag location
3) solve this problem some other way

Thanks for any and all ideas and support.


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