Well said, Eric.   My thoughts exactly.

There are some workflows that are  EASIER on a chromebook, but different enough that a teacher might not realize how 'easy'  it would be for a student to complete a certain tasks..and of course because of the constant change.. (i.e. new photos in Google Drive that happened this week) there will/should be a need for teachers to access Chromebooks on a fairly regular basis, even if it is to test a workflow  as mentioned by Eric.  Would be much more effective PD for teachers to DISCOVER these workflows, JUST in TIME - rather than it be the responsibility of ED TECH to TRAIN them when WE know about them. 

Most teachers WORK very hard  to meet the needs of their students.  Since JUST IN TIME PD is the best kind of PD,  it seems that their own  Chromebook would be an inexpensive way to provide them with the Just in Time PD they need to be the best teacher they can be.  (must less expensive and much more effective than sitting in a workshop called.. "HOW to workflows on a YOUR students Chromebook)

In our Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute,  we recommend access to a Chromebook for the time you are in the institute so you can EXPERIENCE the workflow that is possible with Chromebook.  By the end of the week, teachers are much more fluent with workflow (how to take a screenshot, and where your screenshot goes,  how to attach/insert photos from drive, are all slightly different).  
I'm reminded of a post by Adam Provost.. called A Day in the Life of a Student, which recommended that every teacher actually walk in the shoes of a student for a day as a source of PD.  I'm sure if each of us did this, we would have a better understanding of our student needs.  Similarly with Chromebooks. 

Using the technology that students use has always been my recommended mode of operation.. (when my students used open source./ Linux, so did I.  When I taught in an iPad school,  I made myself work only with the iPad which helped me discover some unique workflows to iPads.  Recently my students have been showing up with Macbooks, so I broke down and got a Mac, which took some getting use to, but now feel equally as fluent on it as my Chromebook and access BOTH machines regularly. 

Obviously there are times when SOME educator would need a laptop and considering the right tool for the job is important.  Perhaps some need only a chromebook, while others might need both.  I still use my laptop for Sketchup, Google Earth, Arduino, and advanced Screencasting. I don't use a Smartboard, but obviously teachers who are active Smartboard users would also need a laptop 

OK  .. here comes a shameless plug...  There are several opportunities for teachers to  become fluent with Chromebook workflows this summer at the Google Tools for Schools Summer Institute and at Create Make Learn.

Many educators are familiar with the basics of Google Apps, but  could use some PD  on how to perform some of the CREATIVITY tasks on Chromebooks.  We have a special strand at Create Make Learn  called CREATING with CHROME..where teachers will CREATE  and MAKE with Chromebooks.   If you have educators who want to Make Movies, Create  Amazing Graphics, Images, Infographics, Interactive eBooks, Audio Podcast,  Games, Coding, Animations, and even 3D Models

If you have teachers ready to CREATE and MAKE with Chromebooks.. have them come learn with our amazingly CREATIVE Elizabeth McCarthy  and Tony Galle this summer at 

OR check out the different locations around the state for our 5th annual Google Tools for Schools Institutes at 
www.GoogleToolsFor Schools.org 

There is a Google Tools Summer Institute running in Newport,  East Montpelier, Colchester,  Vergennes,  Fair Haven this summer with some fantastic instructors (Bonnie Birdsall, Matt Allen, Dave Davidson, Elizabeth McCarthy, Tony Galle, Linda McSweeney, Bjorn Behrendt , and other guest presenters)

You can also find some great  PD using Chromebooks  with Lisa Barry,  Joanne Finnegan, and Chris Chicosky-Kelley at CVEDCVT  http://www.cvedcvt.org/

And don't forget Dynamic Landscapes has some fantastic workshops listed at www.Vita-Learn.org

I'll probably post this under a separate thread to make it easier to forward later today.

Lucie deLaBruere

On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Bjorn Behrendt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
In addition to, but I have a feeling if Pearson ever gets their html5 gradebook working then having a chromebook/box as their primary device may actually happen.

Bjorn Behrendt M.Ed ~ Never Stop Learning
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On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Keith and BJ

are these CBs you are each talking about  'in place of' or 'in addition to' other devices?



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