CIPA requires

"protect against access to content that is obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors"

Someone at the SU/District/School level has to make those decisions.

Nothing says that the SU/District/School cant filter at a level HIGHER than that, CIPA merely outlines the statutory minimum for entities receiving erate money.

The obligation is laid out clearly in black and white, what the obligation really means (harmful to minors) is clear as mud.

Please note I am NOT advocating over blocking.

Please note I am subject to the exact same filtering that all of our users are.

Please note, I cant recall the last time I saw in the news 'school official taken to task by CIPA police over internet filtering'

Would love to hear from all the lurkers out there ...


>I have never entered a school that had a filtered network that a kid had not found a loop hole


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