Its so hard to keep up with all the latest changes (in the Google World) as well as in the digital world in general.  Thought I'd call attention to this new upgrade to Google Classroom that included some HIGHLY REQUESTED FEATURE UPGRADES .. such as collaborative / Team Teaching

from Google......

The classroom team has been hard at work fulfilling your feature requests.  Today, we're really excited to announce the following features, which have been many of our top feature requests from users!

  • Multiple teachers:  The team heard loud and clear that schools and universities need the ability to have multiple instructors, TAs, and aids to be able to not only see the class, but be able to make assignments, track grades, leave feedback and see the class stream.  Today, you can add other instructors to a course through the web interface.

  • Draft Posts:  Teachers are busy, and may want to get all of their assignments done ahead of time instead of posting them on the fly when they want students to see.  Starting today, teachers will be able to write an announcement or assignment in advance and then publish it to students at a later time.

  • Draft Grades:  While teachers are grading, they may find they need to readjust scaling and go back and reward/remove points.  Before today, this would mean students would see these adjustments.  Starting today, teachers will be able to grade student work in advance and return the assignments at a later time.

  • Send Email for Private Comments: It's important for students to be able to privately give comments to teachers, perhaps on turning in an assignment late or problems they had while competing it.  In order to make that easier for teachers to find and respond to, teachers will now receive an email when a student sends a private comment on an assignment, regardless of what platform (mobile or web) they post that comment from.

We hope teachers will love these features and it will make their classrooms even easier to manage.  However, the team knows there are always ways to improve, even these features that just have been released.  Help make classroom even better by sending all your comments, ideas, and feedback through the ? in the bottom right hand corner of classroom and select “send feedback”!

Class is dismissed!

Best wishes,

The Classroom Experts Team

P.S. Check out the blog post about it here:

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