There has been several messages about 3D printing on the list lately.  Here are two great opportunities to dig deeper into this conversation 

1)  Dynamic Landscape  Conference.  May 21 - 22

Along with workshop sessions, the Maker Lounge has a 3D exhibit running each day where  teachers and students will be sharing 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D Goggles and Gadgets,  3D Vermont, and other ways we are using 3D in our schools
See preview of DL 2015  Maker Lounge Agenda here:

2)  2nd annual Google Hangout on Air on 3D printing in Education with Vermont Educators coming this May

It was exactly one year ago today, that we had our first Hangout on Air where Vermont educators got together to share what they were learning as they explored 3D printers in their schools and to ask questions of each other.  A lot has happened since   Let's do it again..  When's the best time for you participate, share, watch, or ask question about 3D printing in our schools

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