Sounds like ya' had a nice afternoon.......ummm, but aren't you worried about your employer reading this?
Mark P. Renson

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:17 AM, Iski Stowe <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Came into work this morning bummed about next weekends forecast.
When I got Outlook running I found out that all my pointer haired bosses were out the next 2 days.
So just after noon I shot over to the mountain.  I hooked up with Scott D at the hut and expressed my interest in doing bumps.
I didn't want to trudge on any traverses.  I proposed the front four.  We started out with Starr.    The bumps had the legs burning. Then we did National starting from the original entrance and finished with the Lower National run out.  From there we did Goat.  Upper Goat did no favors to our ski bottoms.  Once you got past that it was pretty sweet.  While riding up the lift we learned that friends were waiting for us at the bottom.  We did Liftline, again starting from the upper entrance and skied the bump lines.  To round out the list we did Lookout which was very good once you got past the rocks up above. 

Feeling good that we had blasted through the Front Four + one, we decided to stay with the bumps.  After another run on National and Lift Line, we headed to the Stone Hut for cocktails.  Then we ended the day with one more down Lift Line.  The bumps were just starting to firm up, but still skied nicely. 

It was a great late afternoon session.

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