Lured out by morning sunshine, the boy and I strolled leisurely over the gap to Sugarbush Theme Park, arriving right about the same time as the clouds. Downspout was sort of mashed potato like. Ripcord was groomed recently groomed for 4/5 of the width, with nascent bumps forming and  thin line of big old ugly bumps directly under the lift. William said that line in fact had no line to it  and was littered with big chunks of snow/ice. So of course he stuck to it top to bottom. I really enjoyed the less technical freeway route. We ripped Ripcord 3 times  before snowflakes began to fly above 3500’ or so, which meant a cold rain down below which signaled lunch time. I went back out for a quick Birdland(fun human sized bumps)->Gondolier (not so fun slush puppies) and we called it a day.

Such visions of spring school vacation corn tests dashed by rain every day from Monday forecast through next tuesday. 

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