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>Video is needed.   Did you set another slalom course? 

Didn't bring the stubby-gates this time, but you can bet I will on Monday, 1 June! (I'll bring something to capture the action as well.)  With any luck Shefftz can make it(?).  I was thinking maybe 8-8:30AM for an arrival time, but a PM run is a possiblity too, maybe 7-ish.

>How far up did you have to hike for that patch?

To avoid mucky footprints/erosion on the ski trails I took a ~1000',  ~100' vertical lateral walk in on the fire-road, from the gate terminus on Mountain Road.  The Patch is at most 100' from the fire-road.  The lateral route in is not any further distance than hiking it from the resort parking lot. ( AND it's less vertical, improving the hike/ski ratio. :-)) There is sufficient parking for 3 cars without blocking the fire road gate, but there's also room to park 40' up Mountain Road from the fire road gate at a utility company substation. Now that they've mounted the transformers on poles rather than the pad there's even more utilityroom than there used to be, not that I've ever seen more than three cars there.


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