Looks like the it's trying to load a resource from a restricted directory:


On 6/15/2015 2:49 PM, Helen Read wrote:
> If you go to the CEMS homepage 
> <> or most any link off of it, you get a 
> popup asking for authentication. This is also happening with 
> Mathematics & Statistics 
> <> and the School of Engineering 
> <>
> If you cancel or just close the popup you can still get to the page, 
> but as soon as you click on a link you get the popup again.
> For some reason Computer Science ( 
> <>) seems OK, but all the rest of CEMS 
> and its subunits seems to be affected.
> Something hinky going on with permissions or .htaccess or something?
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> Helen Read
> Senior Lecturer
> Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
> University of Vermont

Lucy Carrasco
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