I would not accuse the folks at "" of providing a "Bad Bad 
App".  Their failing, if you can call it that, is that they have failed 
to follow Oracle's every shifting demand to allow execution of Java 
applets in current versions of the Java runtime environment.  This is a 
huge problem for everyone who writes client-side Java code, especially 
if that code is launched from a browser.

The only workable solution is to get the application author to bone up 
on current Java applet security requirements, set up a proper package 
manifest, and re-sign the apps with a valid, trusted code signing 

Another possible solution, which likely is not workable, is to get every 
use of the VDI pool to add the application to their 
personal site exceptions list in the Java control panel. Because you are 
using mandatory roaming profiles, this change will get wiped out at 
logoff, and the users would need to add the exception again at next logon.

The browser that you use to launch the Java code tends to be of little 
consequence.  Most of the execution restrictions are coming from Java 
itself, not your browser.  However, the the retirement of NPAPI support 
in Chrome, you may as well not even try to use Chrome for running Java 
code anymore.

Sorry not to have better news.  Oracle seems do be working very hard to 
kill Java on the web.

-J. Greg Mackinnon | ETS Systems Architecture and Administration | x68251

On 6/3/2015 3:25 PM, Helen Read wrote:
> We have a user in one of our VDI classrooms who would like to run a 
> web app at 
> <>
> She gets errors when she tries to run it. I tried it on my own (domain 
> joined) PC. Firefox and IE both throw an error message and you get 
> this popup.
> Chrome gives an error that /This site uses a plugin (Java(TM)) that 
> will soon be unsupported /and offers a "Learn More" link that explains 
> that NPAPI plugins don't work on Chrome version 42 and higher. There 
> is a workaround on the Learn More page 
> <>  
> (chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and then restart Chrome). I was fearless 
> enough to try this, but then got the Application Blocked by Security 
> Settings pop-up.
> Is there some other workaround? Bring her own laptop if it will run 
> there? Tell the user this is a Bad, Bad App (TM) and she is out of luck?
> Please advise.
> -- 
> Helen Read
> Senior Lecturer
> Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
> University of Vermont