It has taken us some time to unravel the problem, but we think we know what
happened. However, it means that many more people may have been affected by
file or directory deletion within their home directory.


We're in the process of recovering the volume on which the deletions
happened from last night's backup. We will copy any missing data from the
backup, preserving any files that have been added or modified since last
night. Users may see files reappear that they deleted today.


We're working to restore access as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I don't
have a good estimate for how long this recovery is likely to take. Offline
Files, if enabled for your clients, will likely keep them working while we
get data back into place.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience that is causing you and your clients.




Geoffrey Duke

802.656.1172 |  <> Sr System Administrator |
<> Enterprise Technology Services |
<> University of Vermont