Hi all,

This may be too-specific of a question for anyone to have a hope in hell of answering, and we're 1.5 days away from the end of the year, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.   :)

Prior to about a week ago, it was possible for students to save a Notability note to Google Drive, and later, open the Drive app and select that note (still in its native Notability format) and select "Open with" and pick Notability from the list of available apps. After the last slew of updates, Notability no longer appears in that "open with" list. 

Our iPad technician opened a case with the Notability people, and they wrote back: "I'd suggest reaching out to Google if you have a contact there to see if they have any ideas as it looks like the app is blocking third party apps device wide. How 'Open in' works is that we register as being able to accept particular file types ( .pdf, .ppt, ,doc, etc.) and when an app goes to export through 'Open in' in a format, the iOS automatically presents any third party app that can accept the given file type."

​But, from what we've observed,
 not ALL
​3rd-party ​
things are blocked -- DropBox still appears in the list
​, for example​

​Anyway, w
e were just wondering if others have experienced the same thing
​, and can help us figure out which vendor to blame this time.  ;)​

​-- MB​

Marion Bates, District Technology Supervisor
School Administrative Unit 70
Hanover, NH | Norwich, VT
Office: (603) 643-3431 x2714


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