Good Morning List!


Our district is going to have a one to one this fall in grades 3 to 10. Next fall we will increase our one to one to include grades 11 and 12.


I was wondering if people can chime in on a few items for me;


1.       Does your school or district use a content filtering system when students have the devices at home? Such as GoGuardian? Or another program?

2.       What was your school or districts rollout plan for taking the devices home?

a.       Did you do a parent night?

b.      Training on website?

c.       Just a sign off sheet?

d.      All of the above and more?

3.       What is your school or districts charging expectations? Charge in school or at home? Do you use carts or charging stations at school?

4.       Does your school or district charge for the use of the device or only if there is damage?

5.       Does your school or district do a quarterly, or yearly check-in or check of equipment? (assess damage or test equipment for any reason?)

6.       What does your school or district use to manage the inventory assignments? Ex. Destiny, google sheets, ect.

7.       Is anyone using a chromebook to access windows based machine for software that cannot be run on the chromebook? If so are you using chrome remote desktop, or another tool?

8.       Any lessons learned or words of wisdom?


Thank you for taking the time to read my email and respond if you have time. Any help is appreciated.


Candy Chevalier, Technology Coordinator

Washington Central Supervisory Union

East Montpelier, VT



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