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>Also, this is the first year in the last 20 that we didn’t make it to Colorado (after the tickets were purchased, we found we needed to be at a Bris, in - ugh - Florida).

>April - Iceland
>Aurora ski boat (legs) - 6
>Iceland is amazing, and we got fresh powder every day - in late April.  It should be on everyone's wish list.[...]

Wow -- now if anything can compensate for a bris in Florida during ski season, an Iceland boat-based ski touring trip has to be it!

Since this past Thursday I got in my last Eastern ski day of this season (or more accurately, a beautiful above-treeline hike from Mt Washington to Mt Jefferson with brief stops along the way to ski five different remaining snow patches), time for the annual Tally:

11/14/14 = first ski day
4/12/15 = last ski day
25 = total ski days
22 = legs
3 = lifts (albeit on edgeless xc ski gear)

Obvious punchline = that's the tally for Micayla, who turned five at the end of December.
She got off to a very enthusiastic start, but the cold February took its toll, the local Bill Koch League was kind of a mixed experience for her, and by March she started asking when spring would arrive.
So not a big increase over her 20-outing tally the prior season, but her skills improved a lot.

Okay, back to packing for my mid-June and late-July PNW ski trips (gear stays out there in between at my Portland partner's house) and a surprise late-June/early-July business trip to ... Santiago!
(Which means that my first PNW trip will be too late for good late-spring conditions given their poor season, my Chile trip will most likely be too early for their winter, and my second PNW trip will be too late for good early-summer conditions.)

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