It's over and has been for a few weeks.  My enthusiasm for the sport increases with age!  This season, I got in 60+ days and yes that includes a day that I just skinned around Hudson Mass in one of the blizzards.  Roughly half of my days were on skins.

The season started in late November at Stowe on the preseason trail that has paid off in grand style the last 3 seasons.  As usual, Left Gully in May was my last ski run of the year.

Places skied:
Stowe VT
Wachusett MA
Mascara Mountain VT
Mad River Glen VT
Hudson Mass abandoned railroad beds
Smugglers Notch VT
Smugglers Notch (the actual notch)
Durango Purgatory Resort or whatever this place is called CO
Telluride CO
Red Mountain Pass CO
Mount Washington NH

* Peter Inglis taking the chop in AK just 3-4 weeks after he gave our class his time during a busy vacation week to give a nice presentation.  He was a very nice gentleman and we were very shocked hearing of his demise
* A fellow classmate winding up in an ICU in Grand Junction CO after taking a 1000+ foot fall down the Snake Couloir on Mt Sneffels.  Colorado Nat'l Guard came in after him with a Blackhawk and 2 Ouray Mountain Rescue volunteers and kicked a$$.  Our classmate is very tough and taking it well with his British humour, keeping us posted via FB.
* I didn't make it to Canada or Alaska for the first time since 1994.
* The season ended.

That trail at Stowe paid off again.
* Lessons and clinics pushing my technical skiing to higher levels.
2 fun days of lift served at Sugarbush in early Dec w/ some natural expert terrain opened. Those poor skis!
* Patrolling at Mad River including getting first tracks on Paradise in knee to thigh deep.  I had to have been the envy of every ski patroller in North America on that day!
* Skiing crap conditions at Telluride.......and having a great time doing it!
* Really getting dialed into my new Dynafit Denali skis - light is right especially on the downhill!
* The entire AMGA Ski Guide Course.  I learned so much and had a blast applying what I learned from others in the past.  My teammates were awesome, so much fun to be with and supportive. One of them just summited Denali for the 10th time in 10 attempts (that's unheard of).  The ultimate experience was having this highly skilled charismatic/flamboyant Coloradoan show us how to REALLY ski in many ways, capped off by her leading us to this col:
....and then following up by 
Since the course ended, Mia turned 50, completed her AMGA Alpine Guide Course in RMNP, guided rock and canyoneering in the desert as well as instructing mountaineering in the Colorado alpine.  An example of Living The Dream!
I am dying for next season to arrive, already!  In 8 days or so, the days start getting shorter.

Mark P. Renson

On Monday, June 1, 2015 1:18 PM, Wesley Alan Wright <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Beat last years totals by 15 days or so

trashed right knee over last 30 days (see ortho PA next week)

66 total. Did not ride a lift at SMR (first time since 1983)

By location…

MRG    33
SBN    13
Winter park    7
SBS    5
Bolton    3 (legs)
Jay    2
killington    1
Starksboro    1 (legs)
mansfield    1 (legs)

by Month…

November    1
December    7
January     13
February    16 <== out of 28
March      12
April      14 <== banner month
May        3

my traitorous 14 year old (socializing trumps terrain)

SBN    11
mrg    7
Winter park    6
Sbs    3
Starksboro    4

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