On Wed, 1 Jul 2015, Mike Austin wrote:

>> -and finally, is there a date for roll-out?
> We are currently focusing our effects on moving all calendar users at the 
> same time, since there is no interoperability between Oracle Calendar and 
> Exchange.  Since the migration of calendar data will take a day or two, it 
> needs to happen over a weekend.  We are targeting the weekend of either July 
> 25/26 or August 1/2 for this initial migration.

We were overly optimistic about the timeframe for the remaining tasks, and 
need to move the migration further out, to sometime after this summer. 
We're discussing timeframes with many customer groups, to determine when 
would be an acceptable time for calendar migration.

But I wanted you all to know that the migration will be delayed from this 
original timeline - we'll provide more specifics as we have them.  If you 
have strong opinions about when a calendar migration couldn't happen for 
your users, please let me know (current most likely times are sometime in 
October or winter break).

In the meantime, if you are available, we are still having the 
Collaborative IT meeting on Tuesday July 28th to discuss and demo the 
Exchange environment in more detail.