I may have missed the announcement and have some questions on the 
implementation of the highly anticipated and imminent roll-out of the 
new email & calendar  services.

- When/where will the trainings for Colleges/departments/individuals be 
- where can individuals and/or departments sign up for the trainings;
-will there be a listserv for questions for fac/staff;
-who will the support contacts be to direct questions and issues to 
after implementation: names, email, phone info for support;
-will fac/staff be able to retain their current email clients after 
roll-out (Attrition- I have a number of people who do not use Oracle but 
use t'bird and are close to retirement);
-and finally, is there a date for roll-out?

These are the most frequent questions I've been getting and they're 
coming a little too frequent to dodge .....

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