Firefox ESR does not have any manageability improvements over standard Firefox.  It just introduces new features more slowly.  It is potentially beneficial for use with line of business applications where the more modern update cadence often breaks things.  It is a poorer choice for use with "cloud" applications, which often make use of new browser features.

I have been toying with using Firefox ESR in conjunction with application virtualization technologies, but we have not considered distributing it more widely.

I am curious to know which sites or services are driving the need for Firefox.  Is it plugin compatibility?  Google's recent retirement of support for NPAPI-based plugins is likely to be pretty disruptive to any application dependent on Netscape-style plugins.

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My Geography professors are having a hard time letting Firefox go.  One professor mentioned that his other organization (Health Department) uses Firefox for the Enterprise. He suggested that I look into it. Is this worth doing? Has anyone gone this route or given any thought to going there?

Beth Wilkins
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