We used to print a new grand list when the listers were finished (the
"lodged" grand list) and the listers would keep the abstract. We were
advised several years ago by Mary Jane Grace (tax department) that we need
to keep the abstract, and any information that shows how it changed to
become the lodged grand list, so that someone could follow the process from
abstract total to lodged total. We are a small town (800 parcels) so we
don't have that many changes. When we do have a change, I reprint the page
and write "revised" and put the old page in the back of the book. I write on
the old page a note about why it changed (grievance, homestead declaration,
etc.) so in the end we only have one list. With all of the late-filed
homesteads It's becoming more cumbersome and I would like to hear how others
do it.



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Our Listers tell us that we need to keep the "Abstract" they produce
indefinitely.  Are we supposed to keep it in the vault? Does anyone have
retention information on it?



Barbara Taylor

Asst Clerk