Dear Barbara,


I am a Records Analyst with the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration.


The Grand List Abstract must be kept permanently based on the Disposition Order 9812.21 (pg. 2). According to 32 VSA 4341, “abstracts of individual lists shall be completed and lodged in the town clerk’s office…” also 32 VSA 4181 states,  “annually, on or before June 15, listers shall make and deposit with the town clerk an abstract of the grand list of such town…” and 24 VSA 1178 states that towns must provide a fireproof safe or vault of “sufficient size for the effectual preservation of the files and records now in the office of the town clerk, or that may hereafter accumulate there.” These statutes indicate that the clerk must keep the listers abstracts, and store them in the town vault. However, I am not an attorney, and nothing I say should be taken as legal advice.


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Megan Wheaton-Book

Records Analyst II

Vermont State Archives & Records Administration

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