Here are the notes from last meeting:


On the call - Ben Allen, Larry Romsted (Rutgers - New Jersey), Carol Cina
(Oregon), Frank Bove (CDC - Atlanta), Julie Geredien (Baltimore), Yarden
Katz (MIT - Boston), David Westman (Washington DC), Lisette Torres-Gerald
(Iowa State University/Nebraska Wesleyan University) - Iowa/Lincoln,
Nebraska), Jean Aguilar-Valdez (Oregon), Charlie Welch (MIT - Boston), Paul
Malachi (Boston)

Paul Malachi - Boston Work

   - Alliance for Secular Democracy in South Asia - Western Hemisphere
   project at MIT
   - Worked with Jon King (original member SftP) to bring students together
   to discuss science and society
   - After SftP Amherst meeting, Charlie discussed with Paul the idea of
   starting SftP at MIT
      - Events at MIT in 2014 - Dick Levins, doctor from
      Iraq/epidemiologist from Iran(?), S(?) Goshra and Jon King
      - 2015 - Noam Chomsky
      - Reading Group - Pound Commission - investigation of MIT connection
      to Vietnam War
      - Fall 2015 - start student groups for SftP
         - More seminar series to bring new people together
       - Through local units, build broader national organization
      - Building bases at local universities
      - Identifying students, post-grads, faculty to build orbs
      - Developing mission statements to attract and unify membership
      - Charlie - went out and tried something, that brought people together
      - Developing website - central point/resource for organizing

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> The Science for the People Revitalization group will have its next
> conference call this coming Sunday, August 2nd at 7PM EST/6PM CST/4PM PST.
> This call will focus on developing our communications strategy and
> leveraging our resources like the website and social media. We need to
> think about what types of content we want to produce and ways to use these
> platforms to help organizing at the local, regional, and national levels.
> Also, it seems prudent to establish contacts for local efforts to put
> online. Even it is only a few of us at the beginning, I am sure this will
> grow over time.
> The number and meeting ID are:
> Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031
> Meeting ID: 621-072-494
> Host ID: 6522
> This group has a conference call the first Sunday of every month at 7PM
> If you are interested in further participation in the SftP revival, please
> reply to this email with your contact information.
> Thanks,
> Ben Allen