Hey all, 

The Southern Debate Academy will provide an intensive and competitive training program for debaters at all levels in WUDC format from top-class trainers. As WUDC is becoming more popular, SDA is trying to help students and coaches learn how to participate in this exciting activity. Debaters seeking to improve their competitive edge, and teachers and coaches who are interested in learning more about or in starting a WUDC debate program at their college or university are welcome to attend. 

Josh Martin 
Rodje Malcolm 
Megan Towles 
Alfred Snider 
Lindsey Dixon

Our program will offer:

      Three days of lectures

      Proven debate drills

      Critiqued debate practices

      Most importantly, lots of fun!  


T    Two-day mini tournament:

     Two-day mini-tournament will help prepare debaters for the Fall competitive season. No worries on needing to bring your partner for the tournament because we are going to do things a little differently! For this tournament we are going to rotate partners each round. We will have a break to Semifinals. 

The camp is free and we have worked with Comfort Inn to offer rooms for $72.95 a night! 
Comfort Inn 
1305 Tiger Blvd, 
Clemson, S.C. 29631

Please contact Lindsey Dixon [log in to unmask] by July 31st with the names of your students/teachers who are attending.  We welcome other coaches to attend with their students and offer any help/judging they can! We are trying to build a larger debate community in the South East so anyone is welcome to join us!