Cornell will send 4+ teams. Costs are a huge issue (we have a big team that we try to treat fairly, so we give lots of students the chance to debate - which is expensive) so we would prefer 

1. bare-bones reg fees & no banquet 

2. 8 rounds = more debating for nearly same cost. Lots of people probably would have to catch Monday flights anyway - it's hard to find an East to West flight in the evening. 

-Lindsay Bing 

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I prefer 8 rounds, which I guess means Cal Poly prefers 8 rounds. I also prefer cheap beers with Rob Ruiz.

John Patrick

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Hello all,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am currently exploring the possibility (no promises) and economic feasibility of adopting an Alaska type schedule for Morehoue USUs. You may recall we proposed the Purdue model in our bid. I think the benefits of 8 preliminary rounds are obvious and that starting the tournament on Saturday morning may also make it slightly easier on teams flying in from the West Coast if prelim rounds start on Saturday morning, and it might also enable a really nice Friday night final round for America's Cup[, which will return.  In considering the Alaska model, there was also a grand banquet on Sunday that I know many of us enjoyed, which would require an additional cost and I know (all too well) cost can be an issue. Having final rounds on Monday may also raise cost issues for extended hotel stay although I think generally it's actually cheaper to fly home on Monday rather than Sunday. Before any changes are final, I welcome feedback from the community. I also don't want to raise expectations of change too high until I know that the changes is feasible, but I do want you to know we are examining all options.

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