I made a mistake yesterday and sent this email to the Science for the People Discussion list, but not the SftP Revitalization list.  My mistake.

Here is the original email.

I want to thank everyone for submitting their suggestions for changes in the draft mission statement for SftP revitalized (or something) and discussion about the meaning of text at various points.  The rate of contributions has slowed and I will soon attempt a synthesis and circulate that.

In the meantime I am off to the American Chemical Society Meeting next week.  On Tuesday, there is a special symposium on:

Transforming University-Industry Partnerships for an Innovative Future

That I plan to attend.  If I have a chance soon, I will circulate the Abstracts.  The speakers are all bright and cheerful about the prospects. There is not one talk on that is in any critical or even considers what might not work so well for academic freedom or any sign that just maybe industry should not be benefiting from taxpayer investments in higher education.  Very scary.