This is in Boston?
Is there time for locals to organize a demo?

These are the same kind of people who developed napalm and agent orange for fun and profit

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I am sending this email to two lists, Science for the People Discussion List and also the SftP Revitalization list.  My apologies for overlap.

Attached are two files for a day long symposium at the meeting on Tuesday.  I did not know about this meeting until several days ago when I stumbled on it by change in the online list of sessions.  The list is huge.  It is title a President’s symposium “Transforming University-Industry Partnerships for an Innovative Future.”  Think it is critical of this idea—only one guess.

There are 13 sessions total in the morning and afternoon.  If you open the pdf files you will the schedules and then the Abstracts (they are blessedly short) for the talks.  As acclimated as I am to this stuff, I still find the language creepy.

Anyway, if this stuff is not resisted it will spread like Ebola, or worse, university administrator to administrator.  Industry? Money?  Funding source?  Must be good! Don ’t ask questions like public universities are built with tax money and now industry wants to use the cheap labor of graduate students and faculty.  How would this affect academic creativity?  How would it affect tenure?  But then again, tenure is dying slowly so who cares.  Why do faculty need tenure when they can have a contract with Monsanto or Lockheed-Martin.

There is a 15 minute Question and Answer period in the morning and afternoon and if my courage is up I might ask some critical questions.

If you have questions you think I should ask, send them on.