Attached is some stuff on a Mission Statement that can be part of the discussion tonight if there is time.

A draft mission statement from me.  After finished this I started organizing my emails from this group and discovered I had forgotten about some interesting ideas from people on mission statements.  I am not fully happy with mine and I think it is in need of revision.  See prior emails below my signature.

Talk to all of you tonight.

Larry Romsted

1. Slogans from Mitchel (top) and Larry

I like it -- "Occupy Science!"
"Science for the 98.6 %"

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How about:  “Occupy Science!”

"Science for the 99%


2.  Mission statement from Charlie for Occupy Education Northern California

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Subject: Re: Mission Statement from Katherine Yih presentation


Here is a sharply drawn statement, published last year by a local group of activists. It may give you some useful ideas.


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Mission Statement for Occupy Education Northern California

The attack on public education is one aspect of a larger attack on the public sector and on democracy more generally, where corporate interests now dominate political, social, and economic decisions. Occupy Wall Street has reshaped the debate over this country’s direction with the demand that the destruction of our communities and our earth resulting from corporatization must end: we seek something entirely different.

Occupy Education Northern California shares these broad goals and believes that we need more than simply increased funding for public education. The problems with education are deeply linked to and cannot be treated separately from racism; privatization; global economic competition rather than cooperation; and lack of access to food, housing, and healthcare. In order to address these issues, we must change the conditions in which students live and learn and provide them with tools to reimagine and reclaim their futures. Furthermore, education must prepare students to be empowered participants in a democratic community and to take respectful care of each other and of the planet.

To these ends, this is our vision:

  • Public education, from birth to life-long learning, is to be government-funded and free of charge for all individuals.
  • End the privatization of education, which includes funding cuts and fee hikes, top-down control, outsourced labor, standardized test-driven curricula, competition for access to schools, internet-based classes without human interaction, and the militarization of our campuses. 
  • Education must be shaped by the needs of students, teachers, workers, and community members with their full, democratic participation in decision-making.
  • In the interests of education and all other public services, end corporate personhood and revoke the charter of any corporation that acts against the public’s political, financial, social, or environmental wellbeing.
  • Focus the goals of education on supporting the ethical and democratic interests of all the world’s inhabitants. 

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3.  SftP Mission Statement from Julie at link below.  I confess I forgot about this completely while working on mine.

On Feb 23, 2015, at 10:14 AM, Romsted, Laurence wrote:

Thanks Julie:

I looked at the Mission Statement.  I see what you mean about it being written as being against things instead of for them.  I think it could be reformatted and still make the same points strongly.  I would like a stronger focus on equality for example.  


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Subject: Re: Mission Statement from Katherine Yih presentation


On the call last night Larry recommended we all review and reflect on the original mission statement for SftP as it was presented by Katherine Yih in her excellent informative talk at the reunion conference.

SftP mission statement
SftP is an organization of people involved or interested in
science and technology-related issues, whose activities
are directed at
1) exposing the class control of science and technology
2) organizing campaigns which criticize, challenge and
propose alternatives to the uses of science and
technology, and
3) developing a political strategy by which people in
the technical strata can ally with other progressive
forces in society.
SftP opposes the ideologies of sexism, racism, elitism,
and their practice, and holds an anti-imperialist world-

In the discussion last night it was agreed that we would like to work together on putting forth a positive and action vision- mission statement for the revitalized movement, and that we would begin by reviewing the original statement.

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