Web of Science shows the organizations for all the authors listed on a publication and you can analyze any of your results lists to find the top 10, 20, 500, etc. records for a certain field, like organization.

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Hi. As sorts searches by journals, cities, etc., could you use it? I searched "pediatric oncology" -- I assumed oncology could be one of the "[named particular specialty]" -- and when I selected the Statistics option, Pediatric Blood & Cancer was first in the Top Journals list and Boston was first in the Top Cities list. Unless there is an easier way to identify and sort the top institutions by name (please share if anybody knows!), you would have to do some digging. In my example, I'm fairly sure many of the pediatric oncology citations with a Boston city are going to be Dana Farber, like PMID: 26257296. When I search "pediatric oncology AND farber[AD]" I get 1,320 citations.

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One of my doctors asked me the following:

"We would be interested in a PubMed search of the top 20 pediatric [named particular specialty] publishing over say the last 3-5 years along with the top 10 pediatric institutions publishing. Is that a doable search?"

Since PubMed only allows alphabetization on first and last author, and as far as I know,

doesn't allow a blanket affiliation search by specialty, I am stumped.

I can't think of another database that would give this precise information.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me, or know of a resource that would help.

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