Hi Everyone,

A few quick announcements:

EWB Conference
***** You can get more information on the conference and the workshops  
happening here:           
http://ewbusaconference.org/events/northeast-regional-conference/ .
On the right side of the page you can see the agenda, if you click on  
any of the events if will bring to a page with more information. Do  
not yet register yourself for the conference unless you are willing to  
pay for it with your own money. Once we get funding, I will register  
everyone able to go and it will be free.

**** Due to the cost of the conference and hotels we are only able to  
bring 10 people. We'd like to bring an equal amount of people from  
each year & will hand out another sheet at our next meeting to get a  
list of all the people interested in attending the event.

EWB-USA Registration
***** In order for us to register you to go to the conference you must  
be a registered member of EWB-USA. You can register yourself, and  
become officially affiliated with the UVM-EWB Chapter here:  
I highly recommend you register yourself with EWB-USA whether or not  
you are interested in attending the conference. You only become an  
officially recognized EWB member once you register with EWB-USA. If  
you want to attend the conference, please register yourself before our  
next meeting.

Next Meeting
****** I got a couple emails from students who are unable to make the  
meetings on Monday nights. Next week we will try a time later in the  
week, I will keep you posted on the exact date and time once we get a  
room reserved.

Thats all for now. Enjoy the weekend!!

Sean Brennan