Hi all,

After speaking with Ted Murin today about a 1st year Connecticut Warbler he
had at Whitney Creek this morning, I decided to brave the swelting heat and
try this afternoon when I got done work. I did not relocate his bird. I
did, however, locate an adult Connecticut Warbler only 75 yards from where
his bird was.

To get to Whitney Creek, go south past the Champlain bridge in Addison, and
about a mile south on the lake side of the road is a large dirt pull off.
Park there and the trail is very obvious across the road. Both our birds
were in the weedy areas about 150 yards in between the 2 curves in the
trail. Study up on the distinct call note before hand if you try for this
species. Also, a little light pishing will hedge your bets on getting one
of the birds to chip. They tend to be quite secretive.

I still hear my bird chipping as I write this. Good luck if you search for

I will post photos later.

-Tyler Pockette