Here’s an answer from pigeon racer and breeder Gary Reid, whom I contacted to see if the bird could have been one of his.:

Hi Maeve,

First off, except for one swallow (a type of fancy pigeon). all my birds are racing homers. If you saw a Band-tailed Pigeon, it would be what is called an "accidental". It would not be banded, and you should put it on your life-list of birds seen, if you keep one. I have heard that the Eurasian Collared Dove is now in the United States, and spreading, though I have not heard of it being seen here yet.

Secondly, I want to thank you for contacting me. I do have birds go missing from time to time; so do other pigeon fanciers. It is my goal to recover any lost birds, whether mine or someone else's, and get them to where they belong, or to a good home.

A. Gary Reid

This is exciting!

Maeve Kim, Jericho Center