Hey Everyone,

The next meeting is an important one, its time to really get crackin  
at our gray water project in Nicaragua; we will be giving out some  
responsibilities and assembling a core team to work on the project.  
The first half of the semester had a lot of logistical kinks to work  
out but now its time to really get to work.

Also, we have picked the ten people going to the conference. If you  
did not get an email from me yesterday unfortunately you were not  
selected. We picked students at random, while trying to pick a few  
students from each year. Funds are tight so I apologize if you don't  
get to go this year but there's always next year.

Again, the meeting is on Wednesday, 10/21 @ 6pm in Perkins 107.Please  
let me know if there is a lab/class during this period in which a lot  
of you are enrolled in.

Sean Brennan