Hey Everyone,

As I mentioned in my last email, at the meeting this Wednesday we are  
really going to get cookin on our project in Nicaragua. The plan is to  
form two teams, one for the grease trap, the other for the  
biojardinera. If you're interested in putting in some work on either  
of these two components I'd recommend you do some research before the  
meeting. Here are a few articles I've been using:
- EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse
- Grey Water On Household Level in Developing Countries
-  Grey Water Management in Low and Middle Income Countries
  - Design WW Systems in Developing Countries

Most of these sources are very long and have over one hundred pages,  
use the index and the search function to make it less overwhelming.  
Also, feel free to find your own research sources. Our top priorities  
right now are as follows:
- Design parameters for the biojardinera (appropriate size and  
retention times for our daily Volumes (~50L/day)
- Desired effluent parameters (What do we want the chemical/biological  
parameters of our water to be after      filtration)
- What type of plants should we use in our biogarden

Hopefully within the next two weeks we will have answers to these  
questions and we can build a model in the greenhouse and start testing  
our design. Hope to see you all at the meeting on Wednesday.