Hi David,

Did we also lose the ability to add our own links/bookmarks that used 
to appear over on the left had side of the page?  I found this very 
handy for sites I frequented. Thanks.


At 03:32 PM 10/14/2015, you wrote:
>Greetings all!
>This messages is to let you know that myUVM will be unavailable from 
>7:00-7:30AM on Thursday, October 15 while we perform a system 
>upgrade to a newer version.  In order to maintain consistency we 
>have attempted to keep the format as similar to the current version 
>as possible, and users should not notice any significant change in appearance.
>One of the key advantages to the upgrade is that authentication will 
>now occur through WebAuth and will provide additional single sign-on 
>access to other systems in UVM such as Famis and myAccess while 
>taking advantage of increased security via Central Authentication 
>Service (CAS) access.
>There are some capabilities that will unfortunately be lost such as 
>single sign-on to webmail due to resources being devoted to the 
>anticipated launch of Exchange calendar and email application 
>scheduled for later this year.  Single sign-on to collect your email 
>should return with the launch of Exchange.
>If you have any questions or need any additional information please 
>feel free to contact me.
>David M. Alles
>Portal Developer
>Office of the Registrar
>University of Vermont
>360 Waterman Building
>85 South Prospect Street
>Burlington, VT 05405
>Tel: 802-656-1026
>Fax: 802-656-8230
>Email: [log in to unmask]
>UVM is subject to the Vermont Public Records Act and communications 
>to and from this email address, including attachments, are subject 
>to disclosure unless exempted under the Act or otherwise applicable law.

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