On Thu, 29 Oct 2015, Wesley Alan Wright wrote:

> What¢s the word amongst the Intelligentsia with respect to AppleTV vs 
> AirMedia for wireless laptop-> Giant TV screen sharing?

I believe native AppleTV screen sharing/mirroring will be limited to OS X 
10.7+ and iOS devices only. Windows can stream AirPlay video to an AppleTV 
via iTunes for Windows, but that'll just show the iTunes content, not the 
Windows desktop.

That said, there's quite a bit of AppleTV proliferation around campus 
already -- there's at least 3 that I know of in Waterman alone. Network 
Services did a lot of work a few years back on getting mDNS traffic to and 
from wireless APs, since then I haven't heard anyone express any 
network-related difficulty in setting up an AppleTV.


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