Hi Emily,

Please try installing the AnyConnect client from the Software Archive site located at, and choose the “offline installer”. This method has resolved the issue for a few people who had encountered a similar issue as you are experiencing. Alternatively, you could also install the client from the Software Center portal on your system. Please let me know if this continues to be an issue for you and I will follow up with you to have it resolved. I’m sorry for the troubles with the updated client install. I’ll communicate with Network Services who manages the portal to investigate the installer presented from that source.


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My computer ran some sort of update this evening before shutting down.
Now, trying to connect from home, the VPN icon in my system tray is gone, and Cisco VPN is missing from the programs on my start menu. stalls out trying to find the right Java whatever...but downloading and running the installer works until I get the following error that "the specified account already exists":

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Cisco VPN also doesn't show up in the Add/Remove programs list in Control Panel.
I have a Dell laptop, 64-bit, Windows 7.

Don't know if this is a fluke or related to this new client release. (I used VPN daily from home last week and all was well.)

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On 10/19/2015 9:29 AM, Harjit Dhaliwal wrote:

A new client was made available by Network Services and has been in production for almost 2 weeks. Per request by Network Services, the download sources were updated:

1.       Software Archive

2.       SCCM Software Center

The current version 3.1.11004 was deployed last week via SCCM and setup to upgrade any previous versions if they exist. There seems to be a discrepancy of the client version when folks are downloading from, however Network Services who manages the SSLVPN portal has rectified it and tested. Please let us know if this continues to be an issue.


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Subject: An Awkward Update

Early on this morning I was interrupted by a message that the Cisco VPN Service had stopped and that I should "close all sensitive network applications". Fortunately the only thing that happened was ye olde Oracle Calendar closed when it lost it's server connection.

A new version of the Cisco AnyConnect Client is being pushed out and this kills the service whether the VPN client is in use or not.

Could this have been done differently?  - Chris